All about the 2021 festival

Welcome to the second Lincolnshire Wolds & Coast  Churches Festival. And we are delighted that, following  the lockdown of the last year and a half, 130 churches  and chapels are opening their doors over the first two  weekends in September to offer a warm welcome to all.  

There is a church to suit everyone’s tastes: some are simple church buildings serving small  hamlets tucked into the Wolds landscapes, others are buildings of larger stature serving  our market towns. But all share one thing in common – a desire to show off their treasures  and tell their stories.  

The first weekend enjoys the delights of seaside churches including Skegness, Sutton on  Sea and Chapel St Leonards, discover how the encroaching sea actually forced some of  our coastal churches to move inland. Travel through the flatlands passing delicious Wolds  villages to reach Alford St Wilfrid and its associations with Captain John Smith, one of the  founders of Jamestown, USA in 1607, and then Louth St James and its graceful spire, a  visible landmark for miles around.  

Week two contains churches steeped in history, with connections to more famous  Lincolnshire explorers – St James Spilsby and Sir John Franklin, St Lawrence Revesby  and Sir Joseph Banks. Or follow in the footsteps of the brave people who partook in the  Lincolnshire Rising; churches at Snelland, Belchford and Horncastle all share the story.  

Lincolnshire is also the home of Methodism. Please do visit the chapels including Saltfleet,  Spilsby, Louth and Bardney Dairies to name but a few.  

Last year was the most difficult of years. Churches were closed for long periods of time  and unable to raise income from their many activities, including normal collections and  the hiring out of buildings. So please join in the festival and support as many churches and  chapels as you can over these two weekends. Not only will you be supporting our church  heritage, you will also be supporting many of our small villages, helping to ensure that the  lovely community spirit that binds these rural Lincolnshire villages together stays forever.

You should be able to pick up a brochure in the first church you visit! 

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