Belleau, St John the Baptist

Belleau, St John the Baptist*


On the east facing bank of the church you can still find seashells marking the old coastline to the North Sea. St John the Baptist church is of great antiquity since it was already being rebuilt in the time of Edward II (early 1300s). This dates the church to the time of Giotto and the start of the Renaissance in Italy. If you visit the Doges Palace in Venice, inside there is a huge globe of the known world. On the map of Great Britain there is no mention of London, with the only named place on the map being Belleau. Opening Times 2-3 September. Sat 7am to 7pm. Sun 7am to 7pm. 

Opening times 2-3 and 9-10 September
Saturday 7am-7pm
Sunday 7am-7pm 

Postcode: LN13 0BW

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