Stainfield, St Andrew

Stainfield St Andrews (photo by Ashley Taylor)

This unique Queen Anne church in picturesque parkland was reconsecrated in 1711. Sir Christopher Wren, the architect of St Paul’s Cathedral, is reputed to have visited Stainfield Hall and is credited with the church design, which lays north-south to form part of the vista in the park. The building is home to the magnificent 18th century Tyrwhitt Tapestries; the local legend of the Wild Man of Stainfield is also featured, alongside displays relating to the Benedictine nunnery, sited here until 1536. Contemporary village history, including the Millennium Manuscript, and information relating to the village war
memorial is also displayed.

The Tyrwhitt Tapestries dating from 1711 permanently displayed in church

Opening times 9-10 September
Saturday 10am–4pm
Sunday 10am–4pm

Postcode: LN8 5JJ

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