Thimbleby, St Margaret

Thimbleby St Margaret (church's own photo),There will be an exhibition of the work undertaken to restore the church after its temporary closure in 2010. The limestone spire was in a dangerous condition, in risk of collapse and was dismantled in 2014. Since that time over £400,000 has been spent on restoration of the tower and spire. The work was completed in 2019. The exhibition will describe the reasons for the failure of the limestone and the various stages in the rebuilding of the tower and spire. The church is stands on the site of a 14th century church which was of much larger dimensions. This was taken down in 1744 and the materials used to construct a small simple structure. The church was rebuilt in 1879 and enlarged to include the tower and spire.

Opening times:
Saturday 10am–5pm
Sunday 10am–5pm

Postcode: LN9 5RE

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