Willoughby with Sloothby, St Helena

Willoughby with Sloothby, St Helena*

St Helena’s was originally built around the 13th century; it’s probably best known as being the church where a certain John Smith was baptised in 1580. He later found fame as the leader of the Jamestown Colony in America and his link to Pocahontas, who later became the wife of John Rolfe. There are three stained glass windows depicting scenes from his life and the Jamestown colony. Don’t miss the ‘wonderfully primeval ladder’ (Pevsner) in the belltower! St Helena’s is also the home of Forest Church in the Alford Group of Churches.

Opening Times 2-3 September
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 9am-6pm

Postcode: LN13 9SU

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